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AAPT members have access to to the AAPT Newsletter, an online discussion forum, blogs, and a collection of teaching resources at the at the association's website -

In addition, AAPT members have online access to the following publications on this site as a benefit of membership:

  • Demonstrating Philosophy (anthology), 1988
  • Questions: Philosophy for Young People, Volume 1 (2001) to the present
  • Teaching Ethics, Volume 1 (2001) to the present
  • Teaching New Histories of Philosophy (conference proceeding), 2004
  • Teaching Philosophy, Volume 1 (1975) to the present
  • Teaching Philosophy Today (anthology, 2nd edition), 2012
  • The Journal of Pre-College Philosophy, Volumes 1-2 (1975-1977)
  • The Journal of Critical Analysis, Volumes 1-9 (1969-1992)
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