Philosophical Studies of the American Catholic Philosophical Association


  • Conventional Logic and Modern Logic: A Prelude to Transition
    by Joseph T. Clark, S.J.; preface by W. V. Quine
    Volume III, 1952 (109 pages)

  • Physics and Philosophy:
    A Study of Saint Thomas' Commentary on the Eight Books of Aristotle's Physics

    by James A. McWilliams, S.J.
    Volume II, 1945 (143 pages)

  • The Philosophy of Law of James Wilson: A Study in Comparative Jurisprudence
    by William F. Obering, S.J.
    Volume I, 1938 (276 pages)

· ISSN 2153-361X (print) · Print copies not available ·
· ISSN 2153-3628 (online) · Online access includes all volumes ·

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