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Ancient Philosophy Society (APS)

The Ancient Philosophy Society was established to provide a forum for diverse scholarship on ancient Greek texts. Honoring the richness of the American and European philosophical traditions, APS supports phenomenological, postmodern, Anglo-American, Straussian, Tübingen School, hermeneutic, psychoanalytic, and feminist interpretations of ancient Greek philosophical and literary works. It is the intention that, within the larger aim of assessing the meaning and significance of ancient Greek texts, the Society serve as the site of critical engagement among these various schools of interpretation and that it encourage creative and rigorous independent readings. More information is available at www.ancientphilosophysociety.org.

All memberships include a print subscription to Epoche: A Journal for the History of Philosophy.. For an optional charge members can also have online access to all issues, vol.1 (1993) to present.

The Society sponsors an annual conference and a selection of papers from the conference are published in the journal. Members for the membership period of May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020 will receive Epoché volume 24.

NOTE: Membership runs through April 30, 2020


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