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1. Chôra: Volume > 1
Madeea Axinciuc Absorbing Perfection: Kabbalah and Interpretation
2. Chôra: Volume > 1
Madeea Axinciuc Cum mureau filosofii în Greaa veche
3. Chôra: Volume > 1
Madeea Axinciuc Homo mysticus. A. Guide to Maimonides's Guide for the Perplexed
4. Chôra: Volume > 1
Miruna Tătaru-Cazaban Pierre de Jean Olivi (1248-1298). Pensée scolastique, dissidence spirituelle et société
5. Chôra: Volume > 11
Ştefan Drăgulinescu Plato’s Parmenides and Its Heritage. Volume 1 : History and Interpretation from the Old Academy to later Platonism and Gnosticism, Volume 2 : Reception in Patristic, Gnostic and Christian Neoplatonic Texts, John Douglas Turner & Kevin Corrigan (eds.)
6. Chôra: Volume > 11
Ştefan Drăgulinescu Despre Diafan [On the diaphane] by Anca Vasiliu
7. Chôra: Volume > 12
Daniel Coman The Journey of the Mind into God by Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio
8. Chôra: Volume > 13
Andrei Marinca Uncertain Knowledge. Scepticism, Relativism, and Doubt in the Middle Ages
9. Chôra: Volume > 13
Luciana Cioca Cartea celor 24 de filosofi [Le livre des 24 philosophes]
10. Chôra: Volume > 13
Ioana Curuţ Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl and the Sentences at Vienna in the Early Fifteenth Century