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1. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Nicola Liberati Wearables, Borg, and a Common Living Body
2. Glimpse: Volume > 17
José David Romero Martín The Artist as a Split-Self: Toward a Definition of the Individual Bodily Sphere in Contemporary Art
3. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Raluca Mocan On Becoming Present to the Spectators: A Phenomenological Approach to Theatrical Performance
4. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Aki-Mauri Huhtinen Barbed Wire, the Rhizome and Trolling: Waging the Hybrid War
5. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Rebecca A. Hardesty Living-into, Living-with: A Schutzian account of the Player/Character Relationship
6. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Melentie Pandilovski What Lies behind Modern Technology?: The Approaches of Marshall McLuhan and Vilém Flusser
7. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Stanley C. Kranc The Artificial Messenger: Indirect Perception via the Instrumental Display
8. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Rachel Elliott The Significance of Meaningless Gestures in Derrida and Husserl
9. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Hye Young Kim Phenomenology of Digital Ontology
10. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Carl Boggs Technological Rationality and the Post-Orwellian Society
11. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Luis Acebal Introduction
12. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Allan Casebier Husserl's Ambitions for a Phenomenology of the Arts
13. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Michael McAnear The Future Needs Tradition
14. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Tönu Viik Meaning-Formation in Everyday Life: A Phenomenological Analysis of Patriotic Feelings
15. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Maja Mumik Body Extended. The Corporeality in New Media Art: Some Examples
16. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Francesca Dell'Orto Mediation and Retention: The Question of Technics as Memory
17. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Luis Acebal Editor's Introduction
18. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Luis Acebal Romance: The Question of Perception Reconsidered in Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter"
19. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Nicola Liberati Augmented Reality, Phenomenology and the Disclosure of Our "Personal" Creator
20. Glimpse: Volume > 15
Melinda Campbell Seeing Color Appearances