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1. Chôra: Volume > 11
Adrian Papahagi, Cristiana Papahagi Le Vocabulaire codicologique en roumain
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In its first congress, held in Paris in 1953, the Comité International de Paléographie Latine decided to produce an international codicological vocabulary. The task was assigned to Denis Muzerelle, who published his Vocabulaire codicologique in 1985. An Italian version, enriched by many additions, was published by Marilena Maniaci in 1996, and the landscape was completed by Spanish and Catalan translations. Our Romanian version of the international codicological vocabulary was completed this year. The article presents the methods, lexicological choices and solutions of the Romanian team.
2. Chôra: Volume > 12
Monica Brînzei, Luciana Cioca New attribution of texts in the manuscript Munich, Clm 11591
abstract | view |  rights & permissions
Cet article propose une description codicologique du manuscrit Münich, Clm 11591, composé de plusieurs fragments théologiques et philosophiques dont nous signalons quelques nouvelles identifications, notamment celle d’un témoin inconnu du traité Liber de Causis ou des Questiones contra Wiklefistas et Hussitas et eorum articulos.
3. Chôra: Volume > 13 > Issue: Supplement
Index des auteurs modernes
4. Chôra: Volume > 13 > Issue: Supplement
Index des auteurs anciens
5. Chôra: Volume > 13 > Issue: Supplement
Présentation des auteurs de ce volume
6. Chôra: Volume > 17
Anca Vasiliu Note liminaire