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1. Studi Internazionali di Filosofia: Volume > 1
Eric Merlotti Giambattista Vico , II Diritto universale, voI. III
2. Studi Internazionali di Filosofia: Volume > 1
Eric Merlotti E. Paolo Lamanna , Introduzione alla lettura di Croce
3. The Chesterton Review in Italiano: Volume > 1 > Issue: 1
Cento anni di Padre Brown
4. Chiasmi International: Volume > 11
Paride Broggi Deleuze: una vita all’immanenza
5. Chiasmi International: Volume > 16
Claudio Rozzoni Chi scrive? Chi legge? Il chiasma fra autore e lettore a partire dalle Recherches sur L’usage littéraire du langage
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The recent publication of Recherches sur l’usage littéraire du langage, the preparatory notes for Merleau-Ponty’s “Monday course” at the Collège de France in 1953, provides further evidence of the turning points of the French philosopher’s reflections during this period. This course, on the style of expression in the work of Stendhal and Valery, is interesting in that it truly reveals to us a unique perspective on the questions that, on the one hand, are related to research made during the previous period at the Sorbonne; and that, on the other hand, find a new echo, a new development in the course on “The Philosophy of Proust” given by Merleau-Ponty in the following year, also at the Collège of France. The problem of the intersubjectivity of the work of art in particular finds a crucial complement in this course. Starting from the work on literary language, this offers a path toward thinking the chiasm between author and reader in an unprecedented way that avoids falling back into the fruitless opposition between two poles: one represented by a purely subjective point of view, with its solipsistic excesses, and one that tries to take into account the communication between two subjects, author and reader in this case, by thinking them as an “already given” unity before the gesture of writing and the experience of reading.
6. Chiasmi International: Volume > 7
Daniela Calabrò Senso e crisi. Del corpo, del mondo, del ritmo
7. Chiasmi International: Volume > 9
Patrick Burke The Philosophy of Claude Lefort
8. Chôra: Volume > 1
Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban Metafiɀica
9. Chôra: Volume > 1
Miruna Tătaru-Cazaban Prima cateheɀă. Inițiere în viața creștină
10. Chôra: Volume > 1
Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban Traité de l'lncarnation. Contre Nestorius
11. Chôra: Volume > 1
Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban Despre Idolatrie și alte crieri morale
12. Chôra: Volume > 1
Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban Études thomistes
13. Chôra: Volume > 1
Dan Săvinescu The Ground of Union. Deification in Aquinas and Palamas
14. Chôra: Volume > 13
Alessandro Stavru Corpi di parole. Descrizione e fisiognomica nella cultura greca
15. Chôra: Volume > 15/16
Franco Ferrari “Von hier nach dort”. Der Philosophiebegriff bei Platon
16. Chôra: Volume > 2
Adrian Muraru Retorica
17. Chôra: Volume > 2
Simona Vucu Tratate teologice
18. Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Manuela Mihoci Introduzione al cristianesimo : lezioni sul Credo apostolico by Joseph Ratzinger
19. Forum Philosophicum: Volume > 3
Stanisław Obirek SJ Sylwetki jezuickich publicystów i działaczy społecznych, 1872-1918, [Gesuiti pubblicisti e animatori sociali, 1872-1918]
20. International Studies in Philosophy: Volume > 13 > Issue: 1
Vittorio Mathieu Das Prinzip Handlung in der Philosophie Kants