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141. Semiotics: 1984
Terry J. Prewitt The Semiotics of Ethnographic Style: Hermeneutics of Delaware Religion
142. Semiotics: 1984
Stephen M. Verba Bartes’ The Fashion System: An Exploration at the Recipient Level
143. Semiotics: 1984
Ralph Austin Powell Kant’s Thought Interpreted Through Peirce’s Categories
144. Semiotics: 1984
Juliet Flower MacCannell Towards a Theory of Metaphor and Ideology
145. Semiotics: 1984
Eleanor Donnelly Signs of a Problematic Person
146. Semiotics: 1984
SunHee Kim Gertz The Green Knight Teaches Gawain How To Read
147. Semiotics: 1984
Maryann Ayim The Sexual Semiotics of Photography
148. Semiotics: 1984
David A. Funk Bentham as Pioneer in Legal Semiotics
149. Semiotics: 1984
Marco Frascari Semiotica Ab Edendo: Taste in Architecture
150. Semiotics: 1984
Jean-Claude Choul Redundancy as a Semiotic Principle
151. Semiotics: 1984
T. Craig Christy Humboldt’s ‘Inner Language Form’ and Stejnthal’s Theory of Signification
152. Semiotics: 1984
Gregory Jusdanis The Poetics of Roman Jakobson: Aesthetics or Semiotics?
153. Semiotics: 1984
Janet Skupien The Dialectic of the Inner and the Outer in G. W. F. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit
154. Semiotics: 1984
Steven C. Scheer Unfixing ‘The Fixation of Belief’: Can Peirce Be Deconstructed?
155. Semiotics: 1984
Kuang-chung Chen A Semiotic Analysis of (Chinese) Historical Texts: An Application of Greimas’ Square Kuang-chung Chen
156. Semiotics: 1984
Erika Freiberger-Sheikholeslami Gustav G. Shpet: Hermeneutical Logic and Philosophical Semiotics
157. Semiotics: 1984
Gerard van den Broek Botany as Semiosis
158. Semiotics: 1984
Gayle A. Henrotte Music as Language: A Semiotic Paradigm?
159. Semiotics: 1984
Patricia Jackson Peasants and Puritans: Semiotic Analysis of an Irish Ethnography
160. Semiotics: 1984
Micheal C. Pounds, Peter H. Salus Specular Information