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161. Mediaevalia: Volume > 18
Thomas A. Pendleton Mystery's Addenda: Secular Drama in Late Sixteenth-Century Coventry
162. Mediaevalia: Volume > 18
Wayne Narey Metatheatricality on the Medieval Stage
163. Mediaevalia: Volume > 18
Robert Weimann "Moralize Two Meanings " in One Play: Divided Authority on the Morality Stage
164. Mediaevalia: Volume > 18
David Bevington Visual Contrasts in the N-Town Passion Plays
165. Mediaevalia: Volume > 18
Naomi Conn Liebler Shakespeare's Medieval Husbandry: Cain and Abel, Richard II, and Brudermord
166. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
John Carey Obscure Styles in Medieval Ireland
167. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Jan M. Ziolkowski Introduction
168. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Jan M. Ziolkowski Theories of Obscurity in the Latin Middle Ages
169. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Joseph Harris Obscure Styles (Old English and Old Norse) and the Enigma of Gísla Saga
170. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
John T. Koch Obscurity and the Figure of Taliesin
171. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Michel-Andre Bossy The Trobar Clus of Raimbaut d'Aurenga, Giraut de Bornelh, and Arnaut Daniel
172. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
James L. Kugel Obscurity in Hebrew Liturgical Poetry
173. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Vincent Pollina Obscure Styles: The Early Troubadors
174. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Phyllis R. Brown Beccel and the Theme of Death in Guđlac B
175. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Wolfhart Heinrichs Obscurity in Classical Arabic Poetry
176. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Thomas D. Hill R.E. Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery: A Review of Reviews
177. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Deborah VanderBilt Cædmon and the Translated Word: Orality, Textuality, and Authority
178. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Thomas J. Hatton Florence and the Loathly Lady: Illusion and Reality in Book I of John Gower's Confessio Amantis
179. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Thomas J. Garbáty A Description of the Confession Miniatures for Gower's Confessio Amantis With Special Reference to the Illustrator's Role as Reader and Critic
180. Mediaevalia: Volume > 19
Helen Clare Taylor "Mulier, Quid Floras?": Holy Tears in the Book of Margery Kempe