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21. Philotheos: Volume > 6
Stavros Yangazoglou Le salut comme divinisation de l’homme dans l’œuvre de St Grégoire Palamas
22. Philotheos: Volume > 7
Jean-Michel Charrue Origène élève d’Ammonius
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Was Origen pupil of Ammonius or not? The transcendence, manifold unity of Christ, inspired by the Salomon’s Wisdom marked the nearness wirh a fragment of this one. But it is about freedom, that we can see a common inspiration. It is also, about man, soul and body, the first of divine nature, as is it quoted in the text. Finally Providence will have the same role of unity that will be found until Proclus, while the prescience of God excludes, as Plotinus any fatalism. The whole, and the nearness of method make this position, probable.
23. Philotheos: Volume > 8
Matthieu Guyot La question du suicide chez Plotin
24. Philotheos: Volume > 9
Jovan Milanović Baptême chez saint Grégoire Palamas
25. Philotheos: Volume > 9
Jean-Michel Charrue Providence et liberté dans la pensée de Proclus
26. Philotheos: Volume > 14
Evangelos Moutsopoulos Des intellects divin et humain: adéquation ou inadéquation?: Sur un commentaire de Denys l’Aréopagite
27. Philotheos: Volume > 19 > Issue: 2
Branko Aleksić L’image-représentation hypomnématique, tenant lieu du Platon non-écrit
28. Philotheos: Volume > 20 > Issue: 1
Spyros P. Panagopoulos N. Russell, Gregory Palamas and the Making of Palamism in the Modern Age (2019)