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201. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Laurie Posdewate From Preaching to Storytelling: The Metaphors of Nicole Bozon
202. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Jane Tolmie Framing Persuasion: Eve and the Fall of the Verbal Order
203. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Alan Deighton Introduction: "The Image as the Frame"
204. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Alex Gillespie Framing Lydgate's Fall of Princes: The Evidence of Book History
205. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Kalpen Trivedi The "Pore Caitif": Lectio Through Compilatio. Some Manuscript Contexts
206. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Cecil H. Clough The Significance of the Illustrations in Thomas Murner's 1530s Translation Into German of Sabeluco's Enneades
207. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Brian J. Levy Introduction: "The Updating of the Text"
208. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Arnold Otto Images, Bindings, Blocks of Texts: Codicological Evidence for the Origin of a Late Medieval Set of Devotional Poems
209. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Catherine Hanley Reading the Past Through the Present: Ambroise, the Minstrel of Reims, and Jordan Fantosme
210. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Michelle Magallanez Framing Narrative and Performance: Narrators' Roles in Late Medieval Burgundian Romance, Chronicle, and Chivalric Biography
211. Mediaevalia: Volume > 20
Sinead O'Sullivan Aldhelm's De Virginitate and the Psychomachian Tradition
212. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Jacqueline de Weever Dangier, the Saracen-Guardian of the Roman De La Rose
213. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Cyndy Hendershot Male Subjectivity, Fin Amor, and Melancholia in the Book of the Duchess
214. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Linda Marie Zaerr Fiddling With the Middle English Romance: Using Performance to Reconstruct the Past
215. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Vito Moretti, Sandro Sticca The Origins of Abruzzese Literature
216. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Zu-yan Chen "Flying Flower and Spirit Wind," Chang Yüeh and Literary Patronage in T'ang China
217. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Dhira B. Mahoney Courtly Presentation and Authorial Self-Fashioning: Frontispiece Miniatures in Late Medieval French and English Manuscripts
218. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 1
Kathryn McKinley Kingship and the Body Politic: Classical Ecphrasis and Confessio Amantis VII
219. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 2
Sister Elaine Glanz Standan Steame Bedrifenne in the Dream of the Rood
220. Mediaevalia: Volume > 21 > Issue: 2
Jane Dick Zatta Gender, Love, and Sex As Political Theory?: Romance in Geffrei Gaimar's Anglo-Norman Chronicle