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31. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Patrick Riley Sämtliche Schriften und Briefe, Vierte Reihe (Politische Schriften), Band 4
32. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Maria Rosa Antognazza Debilissimae Entitates?: Bisterfeld and Leibniz’s Ontology of Relations
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Over the past decades a number of scholars have identified Johann Heinrich Bisterfeld as one of the most decisive early influences on Leibniz. In particular, the impressive similarity between their conceptions of universal harmony has been stressed. Since the issue of relations is at the heart of both Bisterfeld and Leibniz’s doctrines of universal harmony, the extent of the similarity between their doctrines will depend, however, on Bisterfeld and Leibniz’s respective theories of relations, and especially on their ontologies of relations. This paper attempts to determine in more detail whether Bisterfeld’s ontology of relations contains at least the germ of the defining features of the ontology of relations later developed by Leibniz. It comes to the conclusion that, although Bisterfeld’s theory of relations is not as fully developed and explicit as that of Leibniz, it does contain all the key “ingredients” of it.
33. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Richard Arthur Leibniz on Infinite Number, Infinite Wholes, and the Whole World: A Reply to Gregory Brown
34. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Acknowledgments, Abbreviations Used in Articles and Reviews
35. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Facsimiles of François Lamy’s ‘De la Conoissance de soi-même’, second edition, 1699 Title Page, 1701 Title Page, and Volume 2, pp. 224-43 and 387-92.
36. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Samuel Levey The Young Leibniz and His Philosophy (1646-76)
37. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
News from the Leibniz-Gesellschaft
38. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Ohad Nachtomy Individuals, Worlds, and Relations: A Discussion of Catherine Wilson’s “Plenitude and Compossibility in Leibniz” (The Leibniz Review, Vol. 10, 2000, 1-20)
39. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
R.S. Woolhouse Leibniz and François Lamy’s De la Connaissance de soi-même
40. The Leibniz Review: Volume > 11
Recent Works on Leibniz