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61. Mediaevalia: Volume > 12
Vincenzo Cioffari The Anonimo Latino: One of the Earliest Commentaries on Dante's Commedia
62. Mediaevalia: Volume > 12
Harry B. Lincoln Some Observations on Madrigal Settings of Petrarch's "I' vo piangendo. . ."
63. Mediaevalia: Volume > 12
Bodo L. O. Richter The Image of the Temple in the Works of Jean Lemaire de Beiges
64. Mediaevalia: Volume > 12
Sara Sturm-Maddox Anticke piaghe: Love's Violence in Petrarch's Rime sparse
65. Mediaevalia: Volume > 12
Bernard F. Huppé Love's Broken Mirror
66. Mediaevalia: Volume > 12
67. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Marilynn R. Desmond Editor's Introduction
68. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Warren Ginsberg Ovid and the Problem of Gender
69. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Frank T. Coulson The Vulgate Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses
70. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Ralph Hexter Medieval Articulations of Ovid's Metamorphoses: From Lactantian Segmentation to Arnulfian Allegory
71. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Gerald A. Bond Composing Yourself: Ovid's Heroides, Baudri of Bourgueil and the Problem of Persona
72. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Eric M. Steinle Versions of Authority in the Roman De La Rose: Remarks on the Use of Ovid's Metamorphoses by Guillaume De Lorris and Jean De Meun
73. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Leslie Cahoon The Anxieties of Influence: Ovid's Reception by the Early Troubadours
74. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Barbara Nolan Ovid's Heroides Contextualized: Foolish Love and Legitimate Marriage in the Roman D'Eneas
75. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Rebecca S. Beal Dante in the Labyrinth
76. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Teodolinda Barolini Arachne, Argus, and St. John: Transgressive Art in Dante and Ovid
77. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Janet Levarie Smarr Ovid and Boccaccio: A Note on Self-Defense
78. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Sheila Delany The Naked Text: Chaucer's "Thisbe" the Ovide Moralise, and the Problem of Translatio Studii in the Legend of Goodwomen
79. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13
Thomas J. Hatton John Gower's Use of Ovid in Book III of the Confessio Amantis
80. Mediaevalia: Volume > 13