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81. Glimpse: Volume > 14
Reynaldo Thompson, Alberto J. L. Carrillo Canán, May Zindel, Marco Calderón Zacaula, Francisco J. Montes González Media, Illusion and Virtual Reality
82. Glimpse: Volume > 14
Jarmo Valkola Landscapes of Image Culture
83. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Ilias Giannopoulos Challenging Husserl’s ‘musical’ paradigms: on the problem of perception of extended musical structures as temporal objects
84. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Stacey O. Irwin Frame-Screen-Window: Human-Media Relations
85. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Alberto J. L. Carrillo Canán, Luis R. Vera Chaparro, Matias Kritz Movement and Pictorial Space: The Video “Beauty”
86. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Kurt Cline The Message is the Medium: Houdini and the Unity of Concealment and Disclosure in Heidegger’s Parmenides
87. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Yoni Van Den Eede Media Use, Purpose, and Autopoiesis
88. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Alessandra Mondin Queering Heterosexuality Through (the) Skin
89. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Obiageli Pauline Ohiagu, Ntiense James Usua Film Portrayal and the Perception of Women in Nigeria
90. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Marc Van Den Bossche Photography and the Mirror of Nature
91. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Luanne Frank Kleist’s Phenomenological Nightmare: “St. Cecilia or the Power of Music” and its Holy Mary Images
92. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Andreas Max Ströhl Abolishing Politics for the Sake of Politics: Vilém Flusser between Dialectic and Phenomenology
93. Glimpse: Volume > 16
Joris D. Raven Phenomenological Sociology and the Experience of Time
94. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Nicola Liberati Wearables, Borg, and a Common Living Body
95. Glimpse: Volume > 17
José David Romero Martín The Artist as a Split-Self: Toward a Definition of the Individual Bodily Sphere in Contemporary Art
96. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Raluca Mocan On Becoming Present to the Spectators: A Phenomenological Approach to Theatrical Performance
97. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Aki-Mauri Huhtinen Barbed Wire, the Rhizome and Trolling: Waging the Hybrid War
98. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Rebecca A. Hardesty Living-into, Living-with: A Schutzian account of the Player/Character Relationship
99. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Melentie Pandilovski What Lies behind Modern Technology?: The Approaches of Marshall McLuhan and Vilém Flusser
100. Glimpse: Volume > 17
Stanley C. Kranc The Artificial Messenger: Indirect Perception via the Instrumental Display