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Leibniz Society of North America (LSNA)

The Leibniz Society of North America promotes interest in the life, work, and philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. It sponsors an annual conference and group sessions at meetings of the American Philosophical Association; publication of The Leibniz Review; production of an annual newsletter; and an essay contest to encourage the study of Leibniz in North America. More information is available at www.leibnizsociety.wordpress.com.

The Philosophy Documentation Center now provides membership services for the LSNA. Members receive online access to The Leibniz Review and a print copy of the current volume. The term of membership is a calendar year.

NOTE: During the online payment process, members have the option of making a small donation to the Society.

  • If you only want online access to the journal (no print copy) select online.
  • If you want a print copy of the current volume + online access, select print and online.

NOTE: the term of membership is a calendar year. All memberships expire December 31.


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