Cover of The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion

The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion

Published in cooperation with the Francis William Newman Research Center

Tod E. Jones, Editor

This collection contains the final, approved editions of ninety-six distinct published works by Francis William Newman on various topics pertaining to religion. Each text is accompanied by a textual apparatus in the lower part of each page which allows the reader readily to note all textual variants from earlier editions of each work. The set also includes a bibliography of all works represented, in their various editions, as well as a critical index.

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  • The text-critical apparatus is important because Newman often made substantial revisions to his works before allowing them to be reprinted. Though often stylistic, these revisions in many cases involve substantial additions and omissions and reflect the maturing thought of the author, his consideration of critical responses to his writings, and his recognition of practical and theoretic applications of his ideas.

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    · ISBN 978-1-889680-75-0 (10 volume set) · Electronic Edition, PDF format · Published April 2009 ·

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