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Akten des XIV. Internationalen Kongresses für Philosophie

Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress of Philosophy
Actes du XIVème Congrès International de Philosophie

Leo Gabriel, Editor-in-Chief

The 14th International Congress of Philosophy was held in Vienna, Austria in 1968. It was sponsored by the University of Vienna, in cooperation with the International Federation of Philosophical Societies. The Akten des XIV. Internationalen Kongresses für Philosophie were published in six volumes, containing over 600 contributions in German, English, and French. They include papers presented at the plenary sessions, colloquia, and the various sections, as well as the invited addresses.

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  • Contributors include A. J. Ayer, Ernst Bloch, Eugen Fink, William Frankena, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Roman Ingarden, Jan Patočka, Karl Popper, Paul Ricœur, Wei-Ming Tu, Satosi Watanabe, and Cemal Yildirim.

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    · ISBN-13: 978-1-63435-003-7 · Published 1968-1971 · Herder & Co ·
    · 6 volumes · Online access includes all volumes ·


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